When it's time to lease, buy or sell an aircraft, AvidanĀ Support is an aircraft broker firm that can do the job in acquisition and consulting. Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, as we specialize in corporate and private jet business.

The Avidan Support ACMI/Aircraft Leasing team has considerable aircraft leasing management experience. We are always in in a position to give our clients the best service.

As a broker, Avidan Support can provide aircraft anywhere in the world to meet short, medium and long term requirements. There are a number of options available to you which include:

Dry Lease Request

Rent aircraft, provides an aircraft without crew, ground staff, fuel, or general flight expenses etc. You have operational control of the flights. Keep the aircraft with you on trips.

Wet/ACMI Lease Request

Wet leasing an aircraft under an ACMI contract (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) can help ensure you achieve the maximum in airline operational flexibility. When you want to add a new aircraft type to your fleet, or are planning an expansion of capacity or route structure, wet leasing can often be a highly effective solution.


The effort made in drafting lease technical and operational covenants aimed at protecting asset value throughout the lease period is often seriously undermined by a subsequent failure of the aircraft owner or lessor to monitor their compliance by the lessee. In order to facilitate this protection of asset value AVIDAN provides the following services: