Avidan Support arrange on-demand private jet charter worldwide through a preferred network of operators, giving you the freedom to select the exact make and model for each trip.

Let us know what size aircraft you want, location, when and where you need it and our team of highly experienced charter flight specialist will assure favourable market pricing and aircraft availability.


Most airlines operate in a hub and spoke system, which means you will almost always have to transit through a major airport to reach your final destination. By chartering a private jet you are able to fly directly to the Greek island of your choice or to the local airport by your favourite skiing location.

You choose the departure time ensuring a stress free vacation. Also, with generous baggage allowances packing becomes that much easier.

Business Trips

While travelling in the comfort of a luxury jet can save you valuable time and stress, it is also a private place to do business. Even when travelling in First Class on leading airlines you are not safe from prying ears.

Also, scheduled airlines are exactly as the name suggests – scheduled. By travelling with a private jet you can set your own agenda and accomplish more in a working day. When you are done with your meeting, you can simply jump on the jet and head towards your next destination.


There are a few cases where even an overnight delivery from DHL or FedEx is not fast enough. If you need anything from a single document or a number of boxes delivered immediately, we can do so at a moment’s notice.

Charter Request