Whether you are a first-time buyer, looking to upgrade your existing aircraft or adding to your growing fleet, we can assist in the full acquisition process.


We understand that purchasing a private aircraft is a complex and challenging task. One should not attempt this without the hands-on experience of a highly trained and experienced aircraft acquisition team. Condition and price are only skin deep. The real value of an aircraft is found in the log books, records, maintenance history, and survey the market analysis of like-kind aircraft recently sold and currently on the market.

Finding an aircraft to purchase online is easy. However, aircraft are extremely complex machines that require rigorous review and inspection in advance to determine true market value. This level of inspection should be trusted to an experienced aircraft acquisition team. Avidan Support will deliver impressive results to a lengthy list of satisfied.

If you are in the market for a private jet, put your trust in Avidan Support. We will deliver the best plane at the best possible price!

Our brokerage services are comprehensive, meaning we actively coordinate all aspects of planning, execution, and follow-up on a buying aircraft: Contact:


Selling aircraft takes an experience, knowledgeable, and professional representative who knows the aviation market (competition and comparable sales history) and can provide you with a realistic understanding of valuations and expectations.

We represent serious sellers with professional marketing and advertising necessary to bring buyers to your plane. We know what buyers are looking for and will position your aircraft to command “A-List” attention. Our team assured you of getting the best price for your aircraft.

Avidan Support will be your ally and counsel in a very challenging marketplace. Contact: