Avidan Support creates a leading competitive edge to commercial/corporate & general aviation and maritime customers by providing full support solution across all platforms through its divisions.

The company was established in 2009 and has continued to support the aviation industry in Nigeria and United Kingdom for the past 9 years. We have our offices in Nigeria and United Kingdom.

We specialise in providing services in the Aviation and Maritime industry, by giving customers world-class products and services that adds value to their performance and success. Our key focus is primarily on day-to day supplies of general aviation and maritime equipment, brokerage deal and lease of aircraft, vessels, private jet hire& helicopter, management and maintenance of fleets. Additional services include installation and maintenance of aeronautical and air navigation communication systems by our UK certified aeronautical / offshore radio competent operators.

Our solutions are specifically tailored to our customer’s business model. This is based on our belief in providing a bespoke solution to each and every customer, as to better cater for the uniqueness that exists within every business and organisation.

We take great pride in our thoroughness, and stake our reputation on our attention to detail and our ability to manage the most complex of projects and logistical requirements. We look forward to working with you and helping streamline your business and operations.

Available Aircraft

Avidan Support is one of the leading aircraft leasing/brokerage Company principally engaged in purchasing commercial aircraft and leasing them to its valued airline customers.

We purchase new fuel-efficient commercial aircraft direct from world class airframe manufacturers.